Charcoal & Clay Face Scrub/Cleanser – Basil & Bee

Charcoal & Clay Face Scrub/Cleanser

  • $10.00

This is a 3-in-1 scrub. It serves as an exfoliant; a deep cleanser; and, it also can be used as a mask for a few minutes prior to scrubing/washing off.

Once you use it, you will begin to notice a huge difference in your skin. It will gradually become clearer with fewer blackheads and pimples. You will also notice how smooth it leaves your skin thanks to the grape seed oil. But don't worry, even if you have oily skin, it will not leave your skin oily. And because it's a light oil on the comedogenic scale, it won't clog your pores.

There are many reasons you should incorporate an exfoliant into your beauty routine. When you exfoliate regularly, you help remove ingrained dirt in pores, old dead skin, and improve the over all look of your face. When you scrub away the old flaky skin, you reveal a more soft, supple and smooth looking skin. 

Ingredients:  activated charcoal, grape seed oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, mint oil, castile soap, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth clay, witch hazel, brown sugar, walnut shells, pumice powder.

Item can be customized based on allergies or other needs. Some customization may be subject to a nominal price adjustment. 

*Please never leave in hot cars or places that are warmer than room temperature as it may cause the product to spoil.

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