Mattifying Intense Moisturizing Primer – Basil & Bee

Mattifying Intense Moisturizing Primer

  • $15.00

This is one of those things I cannot live without! If they told me to choose one skincare item to bring with me on a deserted island, it would be this.

This is an intense moisturizer that will leave your face so incredibly hydrated, all-day long! And the best part...your face will remain oily-free with a soft, velvety matte finish!

Ingredients:  hyaluronic acid, aloe vera juice, water, safflower seed oil, argan oil, squalene, hydrolyzed rice protein, rice starch, niacinamide (vit B3), allantoin, vitamin e, emulsifying wax, lavender and tea tree oil, titanium dioxide.


Item can be customized based on allergies or other needs. Some customization may be subject to a nominal price adjustment. 

*Please never leave in hot cars or places that are warmer than room temperature as it may cause the product to spoil.

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